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Collaborative design is a team effort that combines your subject matter expertise, our design and technical know-how, and the lived experiences of the communities you serve. We work with you to understand your organization's objectives and strategize towards products that can help you achieve greater social impact.

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open and inclusive by default

On the design side, we aim to create products for diverse populations with a wide range of abilities. We design for inclusiveness and accessiblity. On the tech side, we believe in the power of open and actively contribute to the open-source community. We'll discuss with you to decide how your project can take part in the open-source ecosystem.

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about us

Nomadic Labs is a future-oriented product studio. We work with you to generate meaningful change in our society beyond creating solutions to current problems.

We specialize in concept development, design strategies, and software development. We work hand in hand with people, across physical and digital environments, to bring the future of social impact to reality.

We partner with creatives in social innovation to re-define the meaning of "doing good".

Rapid prototyping

concept development

Whether it is a civic project or a digital product, an initial proof-of-concept is the best way to eliminate assumptions and improve the experiences before it is too late (or too costly) for revisions.

Design strategies

design strategies

Planning your journey towards greater social impact can be overwhelming. Engage the communities you serve and your team through our co-design workshops.

Product development

software development

From simple landing pages and micro-sites to complex web applications, we work with you to create accessible, modern, and responsive digital products.


brand identity & strategy

digital products

installation & visual design

design research

inclusive prototyping

collaborative design

web & mobile application

website & micro-site

open-source civic technology

our people

Luisa Ji

designer, strategist

Sharon Kennedy

software developer

Amy Zhou

content specialist

Eloisa Guerrero

inclusive design researcher

Matus Dubrava

software developer

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